The Thesis Begins

This is it, the moment we have all been waiting for. This is (Inshallah) my final semester here in VCUQ. At the same time, this is the final chance for me to do some more creative works before I head off into a world of jobs, coffee, and independence.

Last semester I had a presentation made to showcase my thesis plan for the following semester. And despite the strong feedback and mindset I had for the thesis topic, I do intend to fine tune some key details in order for me to go full on with the project and not crash this adrenaline train to the wall of “It’s too late now”.

My thesis topic is mainly about animation and cartoons, and went with the title “My Wonder with cartoons!”. I went with this as I had the intention of focusing the thesis on my current skill-set as an animator. Yes, you read it correctly: animator. I am not letting go of the graphic design studies I had made throughout my years here in VCUQ, but I believe it is my calling to focus my thesis on the field of animation and cartoons. I was taught that graphic design is this huge umbrella that covers many fields, some graphic designers are focused on printing, packaging, typography and more. I believe my skills are at its strongest in motion design and character design. To which I intend to test out these skills on full-on projects that require characters and or animation.

With this in mind, I won’t just make any project and submit it for thesis. I wanted to create projects that showcase the efficiency of characters and animation, but I don’t want them to be the center of the project most of the time. I want the character design and animation be used as a means of expression. Sometimes I would like to create a project that focuses on humor, or a precedence, or whatever fits the moment really.

This in the end lead to some confusion in my last class with Law and Leland. Though I do understand our objectives, I ended up confused on what I truly need to do in order to for my thesis. Am I truly going on the right path? Or am I missing something, something I am all too familiar with? I duno, and I won’t find out until I start working, right?